Commercial Dishwashers For Restaurants

Although some small cafes and snack bars still employ someone to wash dishes by hand, commercial dishwashers are essential in almost all cafes and restaurants, and they offer several benefits.

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One of the biggest advantages of a commercial dishwasher is its ability to wash large quantities of cutlery, plates and kitchen utensils quickly - a must for a busy restaurant. A restaurant or café that runs out of clean cutlery or plates can experience delays in serving customers, and ultimately lead to a loss in revenue, as well as unhappy customers. With a commercial dishwasher, the plates, dishes and knives and forks are simply loaded into large plastic trays and fed into one end of the dishwasher; after a few minutes they appear at the other end washed and dried. The machine is rather like a conveyor belt and it allows dozens of plates to be washed at once, as well as literally hundreds of knives, forks and spoons. Commercial washers also mean that restaurant employees can be doing something else, such as putting away the cutlery or dishes or clearing and wiping tables while another load is being cleaned; it isn't necessary to monitor the dishwasher constantly.


Not only are commercial dishwashers fast, but they are efficient too. The typical dishwasher can effectively clean just about everything that is used in a restaurant kitchen, including large metal mixing bowls, and trays that are typically used to prepare and cook large quantities of food. Small kitchen gadgets that would otherwise need to be laboriously washed by hand, such as mixers, tin openers and other devices can also be safely washed by using a commercial dishwashing machine. Most of the time, a restaurant dishwashing machine is able to effectively get rid of grease, cooking oil and even the most stubborn stains or mess.

Easy to Operate

The powerful mechanism and high pressure hot water spray means that dishes are clean and free from germs and bacteria once the washing process is complete, although it's easy to simply put the items through the machine again as needed. A large restaurant dishwasher is also easy to operate, and can be used by different kitchen staff, without the need for time consuming training, and any blockages or malfunctions are typically easily identified and fixed. Most blockages are easily fixed by sliding open the panel on the side and removing the item from the dishwasher.